Engineering, Procurement, Construction

ISHII IRON WORKS CO.,LTD. can provide safe, reliable and highly efficient Tank terminals through engineering, procurement and construction to meet client’s particular needs and budget.


ISHII IRON WORKS CO.,LTD., IIW is one of the leading international EPC tank contractor for engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power plant markets.

We have long and proven experience in the execution of international turnkey projects with our comprehensive engineering, procurement and construction staffs throughout a long term relationship with companies and vendors in the world.

Over 40 Countries

ISHII IRON WORKS CO.,LTD. has established an high reputation for our Engineering, Procurement and Construction services over 40 countries by successfully project delivery.


Performance in Southeast Asia


LPG import terminal (SHENZHEN)

ourworks_shenzhen_b.jpg40,000ton × 2 Double Wall Cylindrical Tank
ourworks_shenzhen_s.jpgJetty(Trestle type)


Double Wall Cylindrical Tank (Thailand)

ourworks_thailand.jpg 10,000ton Ethane tank (Left) &
13,000ton Ethylene tank (Right)


Butadiene Spherical Tank and Facilities (Malaysia)

ourworks_malaysia_b.jpg3,250ton spherical tank
ourworks_malaysia_s.jpgLand loading facilities


Floating roof tank (Brunei)

ourworks_brunei_b.jpg450,000bbl Floating roof tank
ourworks_brunei_s.jpgInstallation of 36”
inlet/outlet pipe


LNG satellite terminal (MIYAZAKI)

ourworks_japan.jpg 600KL × 2 Double Wall Cylindrical Tank
Vaporizer × 5


Liquid ammonia terminal (Taiwan)

ourworks_taiwan.jpg 20,000ton×2 PC type(pre-stressed concrete)Double Wall Tank
ourworks_taiwan_2.jpgLand loading facility
ourworks_taiwan_3.jpgIoading arm